The 5 basic skills taught in Jolly Phonics

Courses for Children

  • • Systematic way of learning English as a language
  • • Effortless and Correct pronunciation
  • • Understanding relationship between sounds and letters
  • • Supports to improve child’s vocabulary
  • • Making child spell a word effortlessly
  • • Improvised performance in spelling competitions
  • • Improved comprehension skills

Group Teacher / Parent Workshop

  • • Globally accepted methodology and a part of K12 curriculum in schools
  • • Helps teachers to achieve greater success in the classroom
  • • An essential course to become an educator at pre-primary and primary levels
  • • This helps in starting own phonics classes
  • • Better understanding to parents on the new methodologies adopted at schools

School Teacher Workshop

  • • Introduction of basic five skills of Jolly Phonics
  • • Introduction of alternative spellings
  • • Phonics Rules
  • • Interactive Games for concept implementation
  • • Demo lessons by participants
  • • Worksheet preparation for children
  • • Basic Grammar Concepts

Who should do this course?

In India the awareness for using phonics at an early age to develop reading and writing skills is increasing and there is an ever increasing demand for teachers with knowledge of Phonics and it makes the course ideal for -