Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) started by Jan Olsen, Occupational therapist and now with 3 decades of experience, research and development, is now available in India. It is used over 30 million users worldwide. 15 minutes per day will show a remarkable change in the child's handwriting.
Use of HWT method will make handwriting a natural skill. Students can focus on content of their work rather than the physical act of writing. Child friendly and multisensory tools help to develop the correct grip and the correct style of writing. Workbooks and Teacher's Guides are available from Pre-K to Grade 5 for both print and cursive writing.
In case of any problem such as legibility, mirror images, incorrect start or orientation or any other, you may please contact us. We help in assessment and remediation using active teaching strategies and good materials.

Books & Materials

We provide tailor-made worksheets for following classes

  • Nursery
  • Jr & Sr KG
  • Standard I to IV

Spoken English Classes

We provide customized courses for adults who are interested in developing their spoken English skills or who want to improve their proficiency in English.