Don’t we all wish to see our little ones master the art of learning by channelling their grasping powers, harnessing their inquisitiveness and developing keenness to learn, as they take baby-steps towards formal education? Excellent early childhood education programmes will help them achieve that! The formative years of your little ones is when they develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills, language and social skills, among many other life-altering capabilities. Moulding your child’s development process in these years is absolutely vital to help them become the super-achievers that they will be in the future!

Kids World Education Consultants has been transforming the landscape in the field of early childhood education since 2012. We envision to dream beyond the ordinary and achieve our mission of establishing a fun-filled educational environment for a better tomorrow, the stepping stone to the world of future accomplishments of your little ones! With collective experience of nearly 25 years, Kids World Education Consultants has excelled in implementing pre-primary education programmes (play-school and kindergarten), spoken English for children, parent counseling and educators’ training, in the arena of early childhood education. Our expertise has helped us develop harmonious associations with schools all over India and across the borders, in Bhutan and Azerbaijan.

We offer a host of innovative, age-appropriate, theme-based products and services to engage with our young learners.
Some of the significant ones are,

  • Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar.
  • Handwriting Without Tears programme.
  • E-learning modules for kids.
    Our one-stop solution catering to parents and educators for all pre-school needs include,
  • Pre-school setup and curriculum development.
  • Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar (for teachers and parents).
  • Professional development courses for teachers.
  • E-learning modules for educators.

Meet Our Core Team

Ms Neeti Nagarkar

Ms Anagha Bahulikar

Hiral Shah

Ruchi Shah

Nikita Kashyap

Jinal Maniar