Patiently waiting for your child to stop scribbling and start writing? Our Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) programme can make that happen remarkably sooner! HWT is a revolutionary method to facilitate handwriting skills backed by three decades of research and experience, developed by Ms. Jan Olsen, an Occupational Therapist from the USA.

How it works?

  • We use child-friendly, multisensory tools to help your little one develop the perfect writing grip and adopt a technically-sound writing style. Practice workbooks and teacher’s guides are available from Pre-KG to Grade 5, for both print and cursive handwritings.
  • We devote personal attention to help your child overcome persistent handwriting issues like illegibility, alphabet mirroring, incorrect starting points and dysgraphia, among others.
  • With the latest HWT techniques, good handwriting will become a natural skill thereby, allowing your child to focus on other important aspects of learning. Just 15 minutes of practice in a day will reveal astounding results! Don’t go just by our word, 30 million users worldwide vouch for it too!