We really can’t be doing what we do so well unless we can describe what we do, as a process. In the world of early childhood education, the curriculum is the process!

An amalgamation of the essential subjects critical to the development of young children with innovative teaching methods followed worldwide, is what outlines our curriculum. Through our world-class curriculum, we facilitate in shaping your child’s growth story during their momentous formative years.

    Salient Features of the Service
  • Holistic curriculum based on National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) guidelines.
  • Age and developmentally appropriate curriculum design focussing on the following competencies.
    • Sensory and perceptual development
    • Physical health and motor development
    • Linguistic skills development
    • Cognitive development
    • Development of creative and aesthetic appreciation
    • Personal, social and emotional development
  • The curriculum covers the fundamental aspects of following subjects.
    • Languages
    • Mathematics
    • General knowledge
    • Art and craft
    • Technology
    • Games and activities

We help to customize and implement our curriculum design in existing early childhood educational institutions, as well.
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