Phonics is the science of sound, the very base on which pronunciation of the words of a language, rests. It is absolutely critical for your child to have a firm grasp on phonics and grammar, to develop superlative linguistic skills. Our courses, based on the principles of the critically acclaimed Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar (developed by Jolly Learning, UK), facilitates in achieving that.

Early childhood educational institutions, children of different age-groups and their parents too can benefit from the Jolly Phonics as well as Jolly Grammar courses that we offer.

For Educational Institutions:

The Jolly Phonics course consists of a two-day intensive training programme covering the essentials of Jolly Phonics, theoretical aspects and practical teaching methods. You may choose to augment the programme by opting for the Jolly Grammar course consisting of six comprehensive teachers’ training modules.

All these programmes can be conducted for the entire early childhood education staff, in the school premises itself.

For Children:

We conduct interactive Jolly Phonics classroom training for children belonging to the age group of three and a half years to seven years. Hourly sessions will be conducted twice a week from June to February, every year.

Jolly Grammar classes are available for school children studying in the first grade to fourth grade. Hourly sessions will be conducted twice a week from June to February, every year.

For Parents and Independent Early Childhood Educators:

Young parents, independent early childhood educators and generally, anybody who is keen to work with young learners can benefit from our Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar courses. We can recommend customized modules to reinforce your phonics and grammar knowledge, to suit your teaching aspirations.